Thursday, November 20, 2014

Technology Thursday Linky: Why I Love PhotoSync


For the last few of years I've named my own personal "App of the Year", an app that has actually changed the way I live my life. This honor has been bestowed on the apps Next Issue, Buster, and in the first year these awards were held in my brain, PhotoSync.

Before PhotoSync my life was a series of cords and trying to keep iPhoto from importing every photo on my iPhone every time I plugged it into my computer to get the 2 or three pics I actually wanted. I avoided taking pics off of my phone because of that. With PhotoSync I can grab any pic I want and send it to my phone, iPad or computer SUPER fast and easy. Did I mention that you can also move VIDEO??? (Cue the angel chorus).

I personally use this feature extensively, since my iPhone doubles as a video camera for me. At school this feature is priceless, everyone uses iPads for recording. All of the computers at my school are named so you just have to send your work to "Lab 23" or "2nd Grade 1" and your work ends up where it needs to be!

Here is a short video demo:
The app is for iOS and now Android devices ($2.99). The app for your computer (Mac and Windows) is free.

If you don't have PhotoSync, get it. NOW!
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