Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Griffin Survivor iPad Case

Right now I have a love/hate relationship with the Griffin Survivor iPad case. I love how sturdy it is but it makes it hard to label them:( With this case it's vital to have numbered wallpaper on your iPads
It's "military grade".
The first step was getting these new cases on the iPads. We were using the Smart Covers which were great but they didn't offer much protection.
So yeah, about these Griffin Survivor Cases. There are a million parts and I could NOT figure out the directions. So I turned to the internet, of course. Here is the vid I used in case you're wondering about the process. The case in the video does not have the clip on the side that acts as a stand, but the rest of the install process is the same.

After watching this vid about 3 times I was able to install the cases:) We bought enough for half of my lab iPads (15 cases), $52 a piece. Yeah, I know. But it's great not to have to cringe every time a preschooler picks up an iPad.
The headphone jack, charge port, rear camera, and speaker are covered with removable plastic flaps. The front camera and home button are also covered by the frame of the built in screen cover.
I hope to get more of these this school year for the rest of my lab set. What iPad cases do you use?
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