Monday, November 17, 2014

Headphone Storage in the Lab

My students store their headphones on the right side of their computers, cords on the front of the monitor, when they leave the lab. This storage works great for these headphones. This year though, I needed extra headphone storage because of a new addition to my lab - TABLES!

I love the 5 tables I now have in my lab, they are perfect for iPad use. I had been switching the headphones from the computers to the tables but that was making me crazy. I bought some headphones from the Dollar Tree but they were absolute garbage. I lucked out and found some headphones from School Outfitters for $3.88 each! These headphones are fantastic, I love them! The cords are super think and not too long. Great quality. They were even packed perfectly, see?
How do I keep track of what headphones belong where? Keep reading:)
Step one: Number The Tables. I have 5 tables and they each have one of these picture frames with the table number in it. But what's that green strip about? It's the color for Table 2! 
Step Two: Color Coding. This is an import part of my system. It lets me, and the kids, know at a glance what headphones belong where. I found a set of colored electrical tape at the Dollar Tree. Score!
Step Three: Storage. Guess what else I found at the Dollar Tree? Pink tortilla warmers! Perfect for holding 6 pairs of headphones at each table. I also numbered each bin and added colored tape on the inside bottom, side and outside bottom of each one.

The last of the tape went around each set of headphones! Each table set of six is color coded.
Below is what a set of headphones looks like on one of my tables.
How do you store headphones in your classroom/computer lab?
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