Thursday, November 6, 2014

Last Year's Teacher Study Group and Books I Want

Kristin Ziemke ran a teacher's Study Group through the Big Shoulders Fund last school year on ways to teach kids to engaged and thoughtful independent readers. I was lucky enough to take part:) It was super informative and and so refreshing to be around teachers into teaching and looking for new ways to teach.
This pic is from the first day of our study group! Kristin was so sweet and packed our book for the course, Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis' Strategies That Work , a spiral notebook, a pen and a stack of PostIt's in these lovely bags. She also always had snacks at our meetings:)
 Our last meeting was at Grace Educational Resources, a place where teachers and schools can come and look at books and resources from educational publishers they represent before they make a purchase. We had a chance to look over a ton of books and have our last meeting there. Their card is below,  I love the way the paper looks like linen!
The books below are the ones I wanted out of all the ones we looked at:
Connecting Comprehension and Technology: Adapt and Extend Toolkit Practices by Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis Katie Muhtaris, and Kristin Ziemke $43.88. (Amazon Link)
No More Sharpening Pencils During Work Time and Other Time Wasters (Not This But That) by Elizabeth Brinkerhoff and Alysia Roehrig $14.49 (Amazon Link)
The Next-Step Guide to Enriching Classroom Environments: Rubrics and Resources for Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting for Literacy Coaches, Principals, and Teacher Study Groups, K-6 by Bonnie Campbell Hill and Carrie Ekey $23.16 (Amazon Link)

Another study group is starting soon and I'm in it! Updates soon:)
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