Monday, November 3, 2014

How I Made My CD Flowers

When I decided to redo my lab this year I knew I needed a eye catching entrance! I stumbled on this design by accident - it just sort of happened:)

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but I did know I wanted  a "Welcome to the Computer Lab" sign/banner hanging in the window. This banner (created with the Schoolgirl Style Pink and White Polka Dot Collection) is a LOT better than my first design, which was a single sheet of construction paper. Blech. I like this WAY better!

Every room has these 3 floor to cleaning windows next to the entrance. I have two because my room is two rooms combined.

The thing that gets the most ooohhhs and ahahhhhs are my CD Flowers! Below is the view of them when you are standing outside the lab entrance. Love the shiny CD backs and the grass growing out of the base of the window. And yes, I taped up Every. Single. Blade.
Below is the view from inside the lab looking out. When I started this project I didn't match up the CDs - each flower was made up of a bunch of different CDs. Then I realized that each flower was going to be seen from both sides(duh), so I made each flower from one type of CD.
Here is a wide shot of them from inside the lab. The curtains are from Target.     
This is the window by the exit in the back of the lab.
My supplies: CDs, clear packing tape, and leaves and stems from whatever color paper you want. Be sure to pre cut your leaves and stems. This will make the process go MUCH faster.

Also, please use clear packing tape because it will be more transparent and hold longer.
Why do I have so many CDs? Well, before I got here that's ALL that was used at my school. No internet, just programs on CDs. The person before me kept every item that was bought for the labs. EVERY ITEM. I tossed a ton of stuff but I actually kept a bunch (well, I'll be honest, most) of the CDs because I was planning to have the kids make turkeys from them.

Yeah, I know.

Just for the record, that has NEVER happened in the 7 (yes, 7) years that I have had these CDs stuck in a cabinet, then a desk at the front of my lab.
I have everything stored in this container in one of my cabinets.  This way I can quickly repair any flowers if I need to.

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