Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bathroom Break

I needed a new bathroom policy. I don't mind the kids going but the ASKING to go drives. me. crazy.

So now this is on the wall by the front door of the lab.

I saw this basic idea on another teachers blog. She used melamine plates hanging by the door that the kids could write on but I couldn't find any of those so I just made a sign and laminated it. It works great with dry erase markers.

Kids write their number, big, on the right spot. Go. Then come back. WITHOUT TALKING TO ME!

Is there a number already there? Then you can't go.

Love it.

To the left of the sign is a file cabinet where I have a cup of dry erase markers with poms glued to the end for erasing your number when you get back from the bathroom.

By the end of the day, it looks pretty funky. So it gets a daily bath with a baby wipe and then I dry it off. 

Good as new!

What's your bathroom policy?

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